Security Questions

Setting up Security Questions with CEMAR

From the 29th April 2016, CEMAR introduced an additional security mechanism that requires all Users to set up, by default, three security questions and answers.  Users will be required to answer two of these questions when resetting their password or email address.

1. Upon logging into CEMAR you will see drop-down lists for three questions and text fields for three answers.

2. Select three unique questions and answers. Please note that answers aren’t case sensitive.

3. Pressing Continue will then progress you to the Modules page where you will be able to access your contracts on CEMAR as normal.

Using Security Questions within CEMAR

If you attempt to reset your password via the Forgotten your password link on the login page, you will be required to answer two of your security questions in order to proceed.

1. Once you have answered the presented questions correctly, you will be able to change your password.

2. If you forget your security answers, or you would simply like to change your questions, you will need to contact your Superuser to reset them.

3. If you wish to change your password via the My Profile area, then you will be required to answer two of your security questions.

4. Please note that when changing your email address, you will also need to enter your password before answering two security questions.

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