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Linking Two Accounts Together Into a 'Master Account'


If a User on CEMAR has more than one account which they use to access the system, (potentially on separate client environments) they can link them together into what is known as a 'Master Account' (MA).

This allows Users to quickly switch between the two accounts using one set of credentials.

This guide will illustrate the steps which need to be taken in order to create such a link and how it behaves when using multiple accounts.

1. Log into CEMAR with one of your chosen accounts and navigate to the main menu.

2. Underneath your 'Welcome back...' message, click on the option 'Got Another Account?'.

3. This will then open a step by step wizard, which will guide you through the process of creating a Master Account.

4.  Once you've entered the details for your second account, you will be prompted to link your accounts together.


5. Once you've pressed 'Link Accounts' you will then receive an email which contains a confirmation link which when opened will complete the process.

6. Once this link has been opened, you will be taken to a final wizard where you will be asked to give an alias to each of your accounts to help identify them.


7. The next step will ask for your basic contact information.

8. You will then finally be asked to set a new Username and password which you will use to log into both accounts.

9. Once you log into your Master Account, you will have the option of selecting a specific User.


10. If you ever need to switch between the two accounts, you can do by pressing the 'Switch Accounts' button on the main menu.

11. Finally, please note that when switching between accounts you will need to enter the password you set for your Master Account. 



1. Why am I being forced to use an authenticator to log in?

If any of the accounts linked to the master has Two Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled, you will need to authenticate whenever you log into the MA.

2. Help, I've forgotten my master account password!

You can recover your master account password the same that you would with a normal login, by using the 'Forgotten your password?' button on the login screen and inputting your master Username.

If you encounter any issues with this process then please don't hesitate to get in touch with the support team and they'll be more than happy to help.



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