Logging In (Activating Account)

The purpose of this article is to help setup your new account and log into CEMAR for the first time.

If you've already logged into CEMAR previously and have forgotten your login credentials then you may find our 'Forgotten Password' article useful.

Completing The Initial Setup Process & Logging Into CEMAR


1. When your account is first created on CEMAR, you will be sent an email with your Username and a unique link to set your password.

2. Upon following this link, you'll then be prompted to enter your Username and to pick a password:

Once you've completed these steps, your credentials will be set and you'll be redirected to the main login page.

3. From here, you can enter your newly created Username and password and log into the system.

4. The next screen you're presented with will ask you to setup three unique security questions / answers which will be required if you ever need to change your password or email address in the future:


For more information on setting up security questions please see our help article here.

5. You will then be asked to accept the terms and conditions and also make any required changes to your profile.


From this screen you can enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for an additional layer of security when accessing the system.  For more information on this please see our help article here

6. Once completed, you will then be logged into the system.

Video Tutorial


1. I keep getting an error message when trying to set my password

Please ensure that you're entering your Username and not your email address alongside your password.  

You will also need to ensure that your password meets the following requirements:

  • At least 8 characters long
  • Contain upper and lower characters
  • Contain 1 number
  • Contain 1 symbol

2. I've forgotten my Username

If you ever forget your Username, it can be found in the initial welcome email you received from CEMAR, alternatively you may contact your Superuser or a member of our Support Team for assistance.

3. I can't remember my password

You can recover your password by pressing the 'Forgotten your password?' button on the main login screen.  Upon doing so you will receive another email with a new link to follow to reset your credentials.  For more information on this please see our help article here.

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