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This article illustrates how to access your profile and make any changes to your personal information, such as your phone number, password and email address. 

My Profile’ can be accessed in two ways:

From the initial login screen


In the top right-hand corner when logged into a contract/CEMAR Analytics



From the Initial Login Screen

      1. When entering 'My Profile' from the login screen;

        The first two tabs, ‘General’ and ‘Company’, detail your personal information such as your contact number and email address which you are able to edit here


      2. The ‘Account’ tab displays your username and allows you to change your password


      3. The 'Theme' tab allows you to change the colour theme of your CEMAR account

      4. The ‘Email Alerts’ tab contains a list of all contracts which you are attached to and allows you to select which contracts you would like to receive email notifications for

      5. It is possible to enable or disable your Two Factor Authentication (2FA) within the ‘Security’ tab.


        Our help article on 2FA can be found here.

 When Logged into a Contract

The other way to open ‘My Profile’ is when logged into a contract, this is similar to the My Profile section as explained above, with the exception of two additional tabs.

          1. The ‘This Module’ tab allows you to view your current permissions for this contract.


            If you have any questions regarding your permissions for this contract, please contact your Superuser who will be able to discuss any amendments.

          2. The ‘Module Reset’ tab provides you with the option to reset your home pages back to default.


            When the window is closed, any entered information will be saved.

Contact details for the Support Team

Should you require any further assistance please contact our Support Team either via phone or email -
DD: 01452 260266

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