Security Questions

When setting up your CEMAR account, you'll be prompted to create three security questions, for use should you ever need to reset your password.

This article covers how to set these up and how to utilise them in the account recovery process.

Video content is available here.

Creating your Security Questions

Using Security Questions within CEMAR

 Creating your Security Questions

  1. When prompted, you will see three drop down boxes, whereby you can select the security question you wish to use, and a text field to provide the answer

  2. Select three unique questions and answers – please note that these are not case sensitive


  3. Pressing continue will progress you to the Modules page whereby you can access your contracts as usual.

Using Security Questions within CEMAR

    1. When resetting your password via the Forgotten your password link on the login page, you are required to answer two of your security questions to proceed:


      If you forget your security questions, then please contact your Superuser, or CEMAR support directly and they can reset them for you.

    2. When changing your password within the My Profile area, you will also need to answer two of your security questions:

Contact details for the Support Team

Should you require any further assistance please contact our Support Team either via phone or email -
DD: 01452 260266

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  • i need to change my security questions as i have forgotten 1 or 2 of them. my notifications are going to my private email account and not the one it should do which is can you help please.

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